We all remember the good old days when mom and dad told us to eat all of our fruits and veggies before leaving the dinner table. Did we hide our broccoli underneath our leftover mashed potatoes? Absolutely. Did we get the enriched vitamins and nutrients that broccoli provides us? Not quite. Alfi’s is here to make sure the next generation has a great tasting, organic, nutrient-packed option that makes vitamins easy and fun. With Alfi’s vitamin juice pouches, kids can get all of the nutrients with none of the cavities or complaints.

+Package Design

+Logo Design


+Character Design

+Web Design



The Concept

Meet Alfi-- the brand character. Alfi represents the fun, innocent childlike excitement and comfort that this brand provides, and works its way into the ‘A’ in the logo. The brand consists of five flavors, ensuring that even the pickiest eater can enjoy Alfi’s. Along with the pouches, I designed seven-pouch packs to be purchased for a weekly supply of vitamins.


The Process

I began this project by thinking about the purpose of vitamins and the ways in which children grow both mentally and physically. After brainstorming, I was drawn to the idea of the alphabet, as well as the companionship that comes from school and education. With inspiration from the alphabet, I created a brand character, named Alfi, who comes to life, driving the fun yet reliable voice found on the packages and the web presence.


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