Remember that night when you and your friends had the best time and talked about it for weeks afterwards? Do you also remember that night you all took turns holding back each other’s hair just to walk to the phone store the next day to replace your cracked screen? A night out with friends can be the time of your life, but it can also be a disaster if things get out of hand. The Chaser app will help you keep your drinking on track, and keep an eye on your pals as well. Let’s make sure we all have some fun, stay safe and end the night on a good note. 

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The Concept

A bad hangover or an embarrassing story is one thing but a lack of judgement or coherence can lead to a really dangerous or even life-threatening situation. With a day mode and a night-out mode, Chaser is the tool to have a good night from start to finish.


Day Mode

Before going out, Chaser has tons of features to help prepare for the night. From bar recommendation and drink recipes, to safety tips and your past stats, the day mode of chaser is meant to browse and use leisurely. In Day mode, users can also set their own drink or spending limits, and their connected friends can be notified if they go past it.


Night-Out Mode

Once the night has begun, Chaser becomes a drink tracker, as well as a way to find the cheapest and safest ride home. The app will send a notification to the user's friends if they are going above their limits, or if they're phone is about to die.


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