Stimulate your senses like never before at this pop-up exhibit. Indra is a sensory exhibit where visitors can learn about their five senses, and test their own capabilities through interactive and educational elements.

+Logo Design

+Brand Identity Design

+Ticket Design

+Exhibit Planning/Collateral Design


The Concept

Our five senses are easy to take for granted because they are such a natural part of our lives. We rarely think about the complexity of our sensory system. The concept for Indra is perception and stimulation of our senses. Through the use of bright colors, abstract patterns, and educational content, Indra dives into the intricacies of taste, smell, touch, sight and sound.

The Process

This project posed the challenge of translating a topic as abstract as the sensory system into a tangible product. I first began Indra my Junior year of college, and it was the first time that I had complete control from the pitch to the final. I came in with rounds and rounds of designs each week that were just not working, and I felt stuck. Although at the time I saw this as a failure, it was actually a huge moment of growth for me as a designer and critical thinker. I revisited Indra over a year and a half later, with more confidence in myself and my work. I pinpointed what was working and was was not from my previous designs, and redesigned many touchpoints of the brand to truly capture the concept of stimulation and perception.

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