Commitment issues? We got you. Maverick is a tattoo parlor offering ink that lasts up to one year. Test out a tattoo before going permanent, or just have a fun ink for the next 365. Why go permanent when you can go Maverick? 


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The Concept

Getting a tattoo can be exciting and meaningful. However, it can also be a source of regret or stress down the road. The name Maverick comes from the dual meaning of the word, which represents the literal and conceptual meaning of the brand. A maverick is an animal that does not carry a brand, and can also be used to describe someone who acts freely. Through the use of high contrast colors, grungey textures and imagery, and bold type choices, I created a brand that captures the rebellious spirit of getting a tattoo, while also being free from commitment.

The Process

I first designed Maverick during quarantine, after being sent home from studying abroad in London my Junior year. I was home with my entire family, and asked them (okay, maybe forced them) to help me brainstorm some brand ideas to pitch. Off the bat, my brother told me that I should come up with a parlor that offers temporary tattoos, but doesn’t make the customer feel like a fraud. I loved the idea and ran with it. From here, I came up with the concept of being free, or in other words, being a Maverick.  I was set on the rebellious yet approachable voice I envisioned for the brand, but I struggled to bring my ideas to life. I put Maverick to rest until the first semester of my Senior year, where I completely redesigned the brand. I changed everything, from the color palette to the typography. If you want to see what Maverick used to look like… click here.


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