For people with severe nut allergies, eating in a Chinese restaurant is like playing roulette with your life. Having an allergy shouldn’t exclude someone from enjoying the sweet, savory, hot flavors of Chinese cuisine. Nonu is a completely nut-free Chinese restaurant that offers the same classic dishes. Allergy-friendly and delicious-- what more could you ask for? 

+Responsive Logo Design

+Brand Identity Design

+Social Media Presence


+Brand Collateral Design



The Concept

Nonu is a completely nut-free Asian restaurant. The inspiration for Nonu comes from the comforting feeling of getting delicious, hot, savory dishes at Chinese restaurants. The voice of the brand is alternative, comforting, and modern, which comes to life through the colors, patterns, illustrations, and copy-writing.

The Process

This project was inspired by my brother, who's severe peanut and soy allergies has left him unable to dine in nearly any Chinese restaurant due to risk of cross contamination. I researched both Chinese restaurants and brands for dietary restrictions, and took inspiration from both to design Nonu.


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