We always say we’d be lost without our phones, laptops, and smart devices. But, do you ever wonder what’s on the other side of those screens we love so much? All of our devices collect information about us whenever we click “purchase” on our Amazon goodies or hit “send” on that 3 a.m. email.  We certainly have a hard time imagining our life without technology, however, we can easily forget that this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Overt is a digital news source that reveals the deeper side of privacy in the digital age.  





The inspiration for Overt is the idea of inattentional blindness, or not seeing what is right in front of you. The information about our own data privacy is quite literally right in front of us, but we are often too distracted and impatient to take the time to read through every “terms and conditions”. This makes us largely unaware of what is happening with our information. Overt takes on a voice of importantance and urgency, while at the same time digestible and not overhwhelming for viewers.


Overt was a project that I began my Sophomore year of college, around 2 years ago. Overt started as a magazine on data privacy, and once I revisited the content after several years, I was confident that a digital format would work way better for such a complex and evolving topic, and one that is all about technology itself.