The world of homeopathic remedies has helped cure humans for hundreds of years. Pawz is a line of tea and holistic remedies for dogs with anxiety. From tea to oils, Pawz offers the best natural cure to calm your fluffy friend.


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The Concept

Dogs can sense people's anxieties and help ease their mental distress. On the flip side, it can be nearly impossible to tell if your dog is feeling unwell, because they often project their fear through 'bad' behavior. Pawz is a line of herbal rememdies aimed to return the favor to our furry friends by easing their fears in the most holistic way.

The Process

The inspiration for this brand is my dog, Brady. As a puppy, he was always aggressive and scared of everything. Other dogs, the vaccumm, even a stop sign on a walk would send him into a frenzy. Once he started getting medication for his mood, he became calm and loving. Pawz captures calmness through a light color palette, delicate illustrations, and clean composition.


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