What came first - the chicken or the egg? There might be significant debates to the right answer here, but c’mon, we know how they got there… sex. From the Sexy Son Theory, to the Spermist vs. Ovist debate, The Mating Game is a coffee table book that explores the science and sensuality of our very existence. Take a walk on the sexy side to destination evolution. 

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The Concept 

The concept of this book relates to a 'game' in the sense of competing and fighting for the attention of a partner to reproduce with. Through art directed paintings and imagery, as well as experimental type choices, this book combines the science and history of humanity, with a dark sexual twist. 

The Process

The first step in creating this book (and every project) is researching the topic thoroughly. I did some online research and watched a documentary on the history and evolution of sex and mating. I was drawn to the idea that every living creature is competing for survival and therefore successful reproduction. The publications take on a dark, sexual direction to create intrigue and suspence in the topic.

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